Traditional Shotokan Karate in Denver

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The Denver dojo offers:

  • Training in traditional Shotokan Karate with a world-famous sensei and several highly-qualified instructors
  • Physical Fitness
  • Self-defense
  • A friendly environment, open to all ages and levels of ability
  • Download forms and information for the 2015 Wa no Kizuna Invitational!
  • Check out the website of Karate Colorado, our kids' karate club.

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Sensei Yaguchi

Sensei Yaguchi

Yutaka Yaguchi is Vice Chief Instructor and Chairman of Technical Committee of the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) and 9th dan (9th degree black belt). Also, he is Chief Instructor and Chairman, ISKF Mountain States Region.He travels extensively, teaching karate in many countries.

He was born in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1932 and began karate training in 1952. He later tested under masters Gichin Funakoshi for his 1st dan black belt and Masatoshi Nakayama for his 2nd through 8th dan black belts.

As one of the members in the 3rd class of graduates enrolled in the Japan Karate Association (JKA) Instructors' Training Program (1959); he has played an important role in the growth of JKA karate and the internationalization of Shotokan karate.

Sensei Yaguchi first arrived in the United States on June 5, 1965, and continues to reside in the US to the present day. In 1974, he founded ISKF of Colorado, the regional headquarters for the Mountain States Region.


Gordon McDaniel
Gordon began practicing martial arts in 1962. He joined Sensei Yaguchi's dojo in 1977. He is a three-time US seniors kata champion and a graduate of the ISKF instructor training program. He is a 7th degree black belt. He is also an "A" judge.
Dale Weyant
Dale is a 6th degree blackbelt, a graduate of the ISKF Instructor Training Program,a rank B judge, and the Chief Instructor of Karate Colorado, a club for kids ages 6-13. He started training with Sensei Yaguchi in 1980 and credits karate with providing him with physical, mental, spiritual and social benefits, leadership skills and a better understanding of the world.
Tatsuun ("Li") Ryu
Li holds the ranks of godan (5th degree black belt) and B rank judge. He is a one-time ISKF national kumite (sparring) champion and has won awards in several tournaments. He is also a graduate of the ISKF Instructor Training Program.
Leonard Higdon
Leonard is a 6th degree Black Belt. He is a B rank judge, and an instructor trainee as well as a Mountain States team member
Miyuki Kuroha
Miyuki is a 4th degree black belt and a C rank judge. She is also an instructor trainee. She started karate in 1997. She is a four-time ISKF US senior kata champion, a one-time ISKF US kumite champion, and a one-time ISKF World senior kata champion.
John Serini
John began his karate training in 1975. After retiring from a career as a Denver-based attorney, John resumed his training in 2006 with Sensei Yaguchi whom he continues to train with. John holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) and is currently enrolled in the ISKF Instructor Training Program. John has won awards in several tournaments.
Andrew Morrell
Andrew Morrell is a 4th dan (4th degree black belt).

In addition, the dojo also often hosts highly-qualified guest instructors, allowing students to benefit from a variety of techniques and perspectives.


Consult the tables and text below for information regarding class schedule.

Day of week Time
Sunday No classes
Monday 6:30pm-7:45pm
Tuesday 11:45am - 1:00pm
Wednesday 11:45am-1:00pm
Thursday 11:45am-1pm
Friday No classes
Saturday 10:00am-11:15am


Age Fee
Adults $85/month
High School Students
and College Undergraduates
(15 years old and older)
Children(14 years old or less) should join Karate Colorado. $50/month

Family Discounts

Students from the same family receive a $5 discount/month/family member.

Visiting Students

Students from other ISKF Mountain States dojos may train in the dojo for $10/day.

Students from other ISKF dojos outside the Mountain States region may train in the dojo for $15/day.

Late Fees

Dues are due on the first of the month. Payments after the 6th of the month incur a late fee.


The above fees are for training in the dojo only. They do not include ISKF annual dues, fees for competing in tournaments, testing fees,summer camp, kangeiko or equipment such as gis, gloves or mouthpieces.


ISKF Colorado Denver Dojo 226 S. Broadway St. Denver, CO 80209 303-733-8326 Email

2015 Event calendar

Check the calendar below for upcoming ISKF Colorado events.


Click on a plus sign below to see the latest test and tournaments results for students of the ISKF Colorado Central Denver dojo.

  • Exams


    Judge Exams
    None yet
    Kyu/Dan Exams
    Name Belt Date
    Rachel Ryu4th danMarch 14, 2015
    Maida Elizovic2nd danMarch 14, 2015
    Victor Francis1st danMarch 14, 2015
    Shari Holder2nd kyuApril 30, 2015
    Sean Oishi-Holder2nd kyuApril 30, 2015
    David Smith4b kyuApril 30, 2015
    Jesus Ochoa6th kyuMay 5, 2015
    Greg Francis1st danJuly 18, 2015


    Judge Exams
    None yet
    Kyu/Dan Exams
    Name Belt Date
    Leonard Higdon6th danMarch 1, 2014
    Greg Francis2b KyuMarch 1, 2014
    Victor Francis2nd KyuMarch 1, 2014
    Joan Hernandez3rd KyuMarch 1, 2014
    Shari Holder4th KyuMarch 1, 2014
    Sean Oishi-Holder4th KyuMarch 1, 2014
    David Smith6th Kyu BMarch 1, 2014
    Christian De La Oliva7th KyuMarch 1, 2014
    Connor McMaster2b KyuMarch 6, 2014
    Jack Helfrich2b KyuMarch 6, 2014
    Esmerelda De La Oliva8th KyuMarch 6, 2014
    Lance Astrella7th DanMarch 6, 2014
    Andrew Morrell4th DanMarch 8, 2014
    Jessica Watson3rd DanMarch 8, 2014
    Jesus Ochoa8th kyuJuly 2014
    Andy D'Agostino5th danSept 6, 2014
    Victor Francis2nd kyuOctober 28, 2014
    Greg Francis2b kyuOctober 28, 2014
    Shari Holder3b kyuOctober 28, 2014
    Sean Holder3b kyuOctober 28, 2014
    David Smith5b kyuOctober 28, 2014
    Jesus Ochoa7th kyuOctober 28, 2014
    Suzi Wong5th danDecember 20, 2014


    Judge Exams

    November 15-17, 2013

    Cincinnati, OH

    • Leonard Higdon.....Class B Judge
    • Tatsuun Ryu......Class B Judge
    Kyu/Dan Exams
    • Jason Struve, 4th Dan (4th degree black belt)
    • John Serini, 3rd Dan (3rd degree black belt)
  • Tournaments


    Rocky Mountain Championship

    May 3, 2015, Louisville, CO

    Name category awards
    Miyuki Kuroha Women's 18+, Black belt WKF Kata 1st place
    Maida Elezovic Women's 18+, Black belt WKF Kata 2nd place, WKF Advanced Kumite 3rd Place
    Wa no Kizuna

    April 18, 2015; Las Vegas, NV

    Name category awards
    Seth Merrill Men's 18-35 years, Black belt Kata 1st; Kumite 1st
    Maida Elezovic Females, 18-35 black belt Kata 2nd; Kumite 1st
    Jesus Ochoa Men's beginner 18-35 years Kata 1st; kumite 2nd
    Rachel Ryu, Maida Elizovic, Jessica Luginbuhl Women's team Kata 1st
    ISKF Mountain States Winners
    CJ Herman Men's 46-55 Black Belt Kata 3rd
    Maelo Maldonado Men's 36-45 Black Belt Kata 2nd; Kumite 3rd
    Ozawa Cup

    April 4, 2015; Las Vegas, NV

    Name category awards
    Miyuki Kuroha Females, 46+, black belt Kata 1st; Kumite 3rd
    Maida Elezovic Females, 18-34 Kata & kumite competitor

    March 22,2015; San Francisco, CA

    Name category awards
    Miyuki Kuroha Females, 18+, black belt Kata, 3rd
    Miyuki Kuroha Females, 50+, advanced Kata 1st, kumite 1st
    Mountain States spring Tournament

    March 14, 2015

    Name category awards
    Riley Minogue-Rau Males & Females, Age 7, White & Yellow Stripe Kata 3rd, Kumite 1st
    Alondra Lopez Males & Females, Age 8-11, Green & Purple; Orange Kata 2nd, Kumite 3rd
    Fernando Vargas Males & Females, Age 8-11, Green & Purple Kata 3rd, Kumite 2nd
    David Smith Males & Females, 18+, Green & Purple Kata 1st, Kumite 2nd
    Shari Holder Females, 18-54, Brown Kata 1st, Kumite 2nd
    Greg Francis Males, 18-54, Brown Kata 3rd
    Maida Elizovic Females, 18-44, Black Kata 1st, Kumite 1st
    Rachel Ryu Females, 18-44, Black Kata 2nd, Kumite 2nd
    Seth Merrill Males, 45-54, Black Kata 1st, Kumite 1st
    Patrick Brenner Males, 45-54, Black Kata 2nd
    Miyuki Kuroha Male & Females, 45-54, Black Kumite, 1st
    Miyuki Kuroha Male & Females, 55-64, Black Kata, 1st
    Friendship Tournament

    February 15, 2015

    Name category awards
    Seth Merrill Adult Men's Black Belt, 35-49 Kata 1st, Kumite 1st
    Maida Elezovic Adult Women's Black Belt, 18-34 Kata 2nd, Kumite 2nd
    Jessica Luginbuhl Adult Women's Black Belt, 18-34 Kata 3rd
    Rachel Ryu Adult Women's Black Belt, 18-34 Kata 3rd
    Rachel Ryu, Jessica Luginbuhl, Maida Elizovic Adult Women's Black Belt Team Kata 1st


    Colorado Karate Classic

    November 8, 2014, Niwot, Colorado

    Name category awards
    Rachel Ryu, Maida Elezovic, Jessica Luginbuhl Adult Women Team Kata, 2nd , Team Kumite 1st
    Maida Elezovic Adult Women Kata, 2nd, Kumite 1st
    Jessica Luginbuhl Adult Women Kumite 2nd
    Seth Merrill Adult Men Kumite 3rd, Kata 1st
    US Nationals

    Sept 6-7, 2014

    ISKF Colorado
    Name category awards
    Miyuki Kuroha Senior Women's 45-54 black belt (seniors) Kata, 1st
    Andy D'Agostino Senior Men, 55-64 black belt (seniors) Kata, 2nd, Kumite 2nd
    Rachel Ryu, Maida Elezovic Adult Women Team Kata, 3rd, Team Kumite 2nd
    Jason Struve, Seth Merrill Adult Men Team Kumite 3rd
    ISKF Mountain States
    Name category awards
    Jason Struve, Seth Merrill Adult Men Team Kumite 3rd
    Jeff Heermans Men's Senior Kata (55-64) 1st
    Andy D'Agostino Men's Senior Kata (55-64) 2nd
    Miyuki Kuroha Women's Kata (45-54) 1st
    Suzi Wong Women's Kata (45-54) 3rd
    Brian Davis, Diego Uliberri, Israel Herrera Men's Team Kata 2nd
    Rachel Ryu, Maida Elezovic, Jessica Luginbuhl Women's Team Kata 3rd
    Jason Struve, Seth Merrill, Diego Ulibarri Men's Team Kumite 3rd
    Rachel Ryu, Maida Elezovic, Jessica Luginbuhl Women's Team Kumite 2nd
    Nick Geyer Adult Men's Brown Belt Kata 3rd
    Kelly Banta Adult Women's Brown Belt Kata 2nd
    Eric Mascoe Adult Men's Brown Belt Kumite 3rd (tie)
    Nick Geyer Adult Men's Brown Belt Kata 3rd (tie)
    Kelly Banta Adult Women's Brown Belt Kata 1st

    List of ISKF Mountain States Competitors

    • Jeffery Heermans
    • Brian Davis
    • Andy D'Agostino
    • Miyuki Kuroha
    • Jason Struve
    • Suzi Wong
    • Rachel Ryu
    • Toru Ishii
    • Seth Merrill
    • Maida Elezovic
    • Diego Ulibarri
    • Maelo Maldonado
    • Israel Herrera
    • Jessica Luginbuhl
    • Kelly Banta
    • Eric Mascoe
    • Nicholas Geyer
    Pan American Karate Championships

    August 16-17, 2014

    Name category awards
    Miyuki Kuroha Women's 45+ black belt (seniors) Kata, 1st
    Master Nakayama Memorial Tournament

    August 2, 2014

    Name category awards
    Connor McMaster Male & Female, Brown belt 14-15 Kata, 1st
    Rachel Ryu Female, Black Belt, 18-44 Kata 2nd , Kumite 2nd
    Maida Elizovic Female, Black Belt, 18-44 Kata, 3rd
    Seth Merrill Male, Black Belt, 18-44 Kata, 3rd , Kumite 1st , Men's MVP
    Andrew Morrell Male, Black Belt, 18-44 Kata, 4th
    Miyuki Kuroha Female, Black Belt, 45+ Kata, 1st
    Suzi Wong Female, Black Belt, 45+ Kata, 2nd
    Wa No Kizuna Invitational Karate Tournament
    Name category awards
    Seth Merrill Men's black belt Kata, 1st , Kumite 3rd
    Mountain States Spring Tournament

    March 8, 2014

    Lone Tree, CO

    • Sheri Holder -- 1st , Kata, 1st Kumite, White-Purple Belts, 18+, male & female
    • David Smith -- 3rd , Kata, 2nd Kumite, White-Purple Belts, 18+, male & female
    • Jason Struve -- 1st Kata, 3rd Kumite, Black Belt, 18-44, male
    • Seth Merrill -- 1st Kumite, Black Belt, 18-44, Black Belt, male
    • Miyuki Kuroha -- 1st Kata, 1st Kumite, 45-54, Black Belt, female
    • John Serini -- 2nd Kata, 2nd Kumite, 55-84, Black Belt, male
    • Hy Drexler -- 3rd Kata, 3rd Kumite, 55-84, Black Belt, male



    November 15-17, 2013

    Cincinnati, OH

    • Tatsuun Ryu, Jason Struve.....Adult Men's Team Kumite,3rd .
    • Miyuki Kuroha.....Senior women's Kata,1st .

    October 20, 2013

    Niwot, CO

    • Miyuki Kuroha......35 Years old &up women's Kata,1st . Kumite, 2nd .

    October 5, 2013

    Colorado Springs, CO

    • Victor Francis ... Brown Belts boys and girls 10-13 years, Kata, 1st
    • Jacob Brennan ....Green & Purple Belts boys and girls 9 years, Kata, 1st , Kumite, 1st

    August 3, 2013

    Greeley, CO

    • Jason Struve......Adult Men's Black Belt Kata 1st , Kumite 2nd
    • Miyuki Kuroha.....Adult women's Black Belt Kata, 1st

    June 14, 2013

    Camp Green Lane, PA

    • Miyuki Kuroha.....Adult women's Black Belt Kumite, 3rd
    Wa No Kizuna Invitational Karate Tournament

    April 20, 2013

    Edgewater, CO

    • Miyuki Kuroha....36 years and up women's Kata, 1st , Kumite, 1st
    • Jason Struve ...?
    Adidas Shiai Cup

    April 13. 2013

    Phoenix, AZ

    • Miyuki Kuroha....... Adult women's Black Belt Kata, 1st; Kumite, 2nd .

    March 30, 2013

    Las Vegas, NV

    • Miyuki Kuroha
      • 18-34 years old Women's Black Belt Kata, 1st
      • 35-45 years old Women's Black Belt Kata, 2nd
      • 46 years and up Women's Black Belt Kata 1st , Kumite, 2nd
      • Most outstanding female competitor

    March 9, 2013

    Lone Tree, CO

    • Sean Oishi-Holder......Male & Female, Yellow & Orange, 8-12 Kata, 1st , Kumite, 3rd
    • David Smith......Male & Female, White,Yellow & Orange 18 and over Kata, 1st , Kumite, 1st
    • Yukiki Kikuchi.....Female, 18-44 Black Belt Kata, 1st , Kumite, 2nd
    • Jason Struve....Men, 18-44, Black Belt Kata, 2nd , Kumite, 2nd
    • Andrew Morrell.....Men, 18-44, Black Belt Kata, 3rd
    • Miyuki Kuroha.....Female, 45-54, Black Belt Kata, 1st , Kumite, 1st
    • John Serini.....Men, 55-64 Black Belt Kata, 1st , Kumite, 1st
    • Hy Drexler....Men, 55-64 Black Belt Kumite, 3rd

    February 9, 2013

    Golden, CO

    • Miyuki Kuroha......45 years and up Black Belt women's Kata, 1st , Kumite, 1st


    US Nationals

    October 5-7

    Scottsdale, AZ

    • Andy D'Agostino ... Senior men's Kumite, 3rd
    • Miyuki Kuroha ... senior women's kata, 1st . Kumite, 3rd
    • Andy D'Agostino, Miyuka Kuroha ... senior team kata, 2nd

    November 8-11

    Cebu, Philippines

    • Miyuki Kuroha ..... Senior women's Kata,1st


Karate Colorado Student Sells Cocoa to Help Hospital that Helped Friend

Tristan Regini, a student at Karate Colorado, showed how to follow the dojo kun and 'seek perfection of character' when he sold cocoa to help a hospital. Click here to see the full story.

ISKF Colorado, ISKF Mountain States Perform Well at Nationals

Both ISKF Colorado and ISKF Mountain States performed very well at the 2014 ISKF Nationals.

ISKF Mountain States members, including many ISKF Colorado members, took first and third in women's katas (45-54 division), first and second in men's senior katas (55-64 division), 2nd in men's kumite (55-64 division), third in women's team kata, second in women's team kumite, second in men's team kumite, third in men's team kata, third in men's adult brown belt kata, second in women's adult kata, and first in women's brown belt kumite. In addition, two ISKF Mountain states members tied for 3rd in the men's brown belt kumite.

For a complete listing of awards and participants in the U.S. Nationals competition, see the Exams and Tournaments results page. To view videos of the tournament, click here.

Kuroha Takes Triple Crown with Win in Pan-American Senior Katas

Miyuki Kuroha, a native of Ibaraki Japan and 4th Dan student of Sensei Yutaka Yaguchi at the ISKF Colorado Dojo located on South Broadway in Denver, won 1st in Kata in the Women's Black Belt 45 years and up category ( Senior division ), at the Pan-American Karate Championships in Mexico on Sunday, August 17,2014.

The victory was especially significant as it came after similar victories in kata in the ISKF U.S. Nationals and World Tournament ( known as the Shoto Cup). According to Sensei Yaguchi, the three events are the most important ISKF tournaments, and Kuroha, who represented the USA, may have been the first person ever to win the Triple Crown and take first in all three events.

The win came only three weeks after Kuroha fully from health problems that prevented her from training for many months.

The victory in Mexico was a very close thing. In the final round, Kuroha competed against Amy Okazaki, also of the USA, who performed the kata, Chinte while Kuroha performed Niju Shi Ho. The performances were judged a tie. 'I was surprised," said Kuroha."Amy did her kata very well. I thought she had won.''

In the second round, Kuroha performed Bassai Sho while Okazaki performed Jion. This time, Kuroha felt confident that she would win. She received a score of 21.9, which was enough for the win.

Asked whether she favored any particular strategy, Kuroha said only 'I believe in myself.'

Behind Kuroha and Okazaki, third winners were Marcia Ransom of the USA and Dawn Rivard of Canada.

Jeff Hermans, an ISKF Mountain States member from Vail, was part of the team that took 1st in Men's Senior Team Kata.

Form Downloads

29th Annual Master Nakayama Memorial Camp


Seth Merrill wins the adult men's black belt kumite on March 14, 2015. His opponent, Israel Herrera, won 3rd place.

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